Dr.Partha Pratim Bhattacharyya Id: JS4257
Mobile: Available to Registered Recruiters only
Email: Available to Registered Recruiters only
Quick Info
Age: 28 Aug 1971
Gender: Male
Department Pathology
Years of Experience: 12
Location: Kolkatta
State: West Bengal
Country: India
Highest Qualification level: Postgraduation
Alternate email id: Available to Registered Recruiters only
Phone: Available to Registered Recruiters only
Expected Salary: 1800000 INR
Professional Experience:
1.Worked as Resident House at Indian Oil Corporation Ltd-(Feb’96 – Sept’96)
2.Worked as Office traniee at Assam oil Division, Digboi-(Jul’99 – Sept’99)
3.Worked as a Pathologist Life Line Hospital,Sonolab, Tinsukia-(23rd July - Present)
4.Working as a Pathologist at Dr LALPATH LABS, Kolkata - (23rd July - Present)
Teaching Experience: 0
1.Meticulous and knowledgeable Pathologist offering around 11 years of accomplished experience in Healthcare sector with expertise in Emergency (Trauma & Casuality) services, whole procedures from the clinical examination, investigations and diagnosis
2.Well versed with competitive and scientific intelligence related to medical diagnostics
Thorough knowledge of various Diagnostic automation instruments and its scientific principle, application and analysis in various dimensional aspects
3.Research Aptitude backed with flair for information mining and analytical mindset to present information to enable critical decision making
4.Excellent analytical skills with focus on investigating issues and providing solutions and adding value through process improvements
5.Sound relationship building, communication, interpersonal and time management skills combined with research and scientific paper writing skills
6.Ability to develop observations, conclusions and recommendations based on analyzed data
Education: Postgraduation
Qualification Level: Postgraduation
Qualification: DIPLOMA
Institute: Assam Medical College,Dibrugarh
Year of Passing: 2002
Course Duration: 2